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Tefi, a Formosan Mountain Dog mix


Our purpose at is to protect, preserve, and promote Formosan Mountain Dogs (Taiwan Dogs) all around the world.

Formosan Mountain Dogs

Formosan Mountain Dogs are an ancient breed, and can be genetically traced back between 10,000 and 20,000 years, making them one of the oldest breeds in the world. They've been an integral part of Taiwan's cultural and historical landscape and have been loyal companions to the indigenous people of Taiwan for thousands of years.

Due to the introduction of Dutch hunting dogs (in the 1600s), and the prohibition of native Taiwanese tribes from owning Formosans (by the Dutch), pure Formosans are extremely rare and are thought to be close to extinction.

They're a loyal, intelligent, affectionate, and high-energy breed. They're native to the island of Taiwan and were a semi-wild breed at one point in time. They're known for their speed and agility and have been kept as hunting dogs, guard dogs, rescue dogs, and more commonly (and recently) simply as loyal companions.

Formosans are known to be a bit aloof to strangers, but if they're comfortable and well-trained, they're friendly with other dogs and people. They're highly loyal to their humans and have even been called "one-person" dogs as a result.

Formosans have a few distinct traits, namely their short hair, broad chest, slim waist, upright ears, almond eyes, triangular face, and black spotted tongue. Today, they're usually mixed with other breeds.

Taiwan Dogs have gained some popularity in the United States recently due to efforts by rescue organizations to find forever homes for these abandoned village dogs.

Rescue Organizations

Founded in 2015, they're a small agency focusing on high-kill shelters, adult dogs, and rehabilitated dogs. HARA is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization and entirely run by a dedicated team of volunteers. They specialize in Bay Area adoptions, but often coordinate adoptions in the NYC area as well.

This 501(c)3 registered non-profit is located in Los Angeles and works with local shelters and international organizations in placing dogs into forever homes. They've found homes for over 6000 dogs since their inception, and always seem to have Formosan Mountain Dogs adoptable.

Located in Taiwan, they're dedicated to rescuing Formosan Mountain Dogs. Every dog they rescue is cared for in the founder's home before being matched with a forever home.

Founded in 2001, they are an all-volunteer nonprofit group dedicated to saving homeless and abandoned animals from euthanasia in overcrowded Bay Area shelters. Rocket Dog is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.

A rescue based out of Northern California (San Ramon, CA) and facilitate adoptions throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Canada.

Guardian Angels International Rescue (GAIR) is an organization dedicated to saving animals by finding homes for those at risks of euthanasia, abuse, neglect, and with disability